Strange Behaviour (Danisnotonfire imagine) [Request.]

Requested by Anon:Dan hears rumours that you’re pregnant and starts treating you differently and brings home cute baby things. Then in the middle of the night you get your period like you normally would but don’t make it to the bathroom in time and Dan is crying and carrying you downstairs so that you can go to hospital and you tell him you never were pregnant although it looks as though you’re both ready now?

Genre: I don’t really know. A bit of a drabble, I guess.

Word Count: 960

Warnings: None

Notes: Idk if I like this or not… Feedback would be lovely :)

The clock read 1:56am, and yet, here I was, awake and on Tumblr. I was sitting on the bed I shared with Y/N, my laptop burning my legs. I didn’t really mind, I had learnt to ignore the feeling. I was scrolling through the Danisnotonfire tag, sighing softly at some of the ridiculous things people would post.

A certain text post caught my eye, though. It contained a couple photos of Y/N and many punctuation marks. Another ‘conspiracy’ theory of theirs, probably.

Nevertheless, I read through it.

Guys, have you taken a look at Y/N lately?

I think she might be pregnant!

I mean, look at her! I’m almost certain she is!” 

Hmm. Interesting. I looked through a few of the notes as well, wanting to get other people’s opinions.










Their arguments were rather convincing (well, not these particular ones, the other ones). I looked over at her sleeping form, and smiled slightly. She hadn’t been feeling too well lately, now that I think of it…

Maybe the Danosaurs were right. Maybe she is pregnant, and is just waiting to tell me!

I switched off my computer, placed it on the bedside table and lay down, thinking about what I had just read.

Were we really ready for this? Personally, the idea intrigued me. I think we could handle a baby pretty well, the two of us. 

But I needed a way of showing her that I was okay with it, that she had no reason to be afraid of letting me know.


I spent the next few days dropping hints on how adorable I thought children were, and how, maybe, we’d be brilliant parents. I knew she found it a bit strange, but she didn’t say anything, and just went along with it.

“Wouldn’t it be funny to see tiny replicas of ourself running around the place?” I pondered out loud, looking up at her hopefully.

It had been about a week since I had begun to drop these hints, but they were to no avail. I had even begun helping her do the simplest things, afraid that she’d tire herself out too quickly.

“Dan, are you alright?” she had asked when I offered to do the laundry. Usually, she did the laundry, I did the cooking and Phil did the dish-washing.

“Yeah, I just don’t want you to get too tired, that’s all!”

She gave me a weird look. “Dan, are you alright?”

“Perfect, even!” I grinned, kissing her quickly then getting to work doing the laundry, ignoring her eyes boring into my back.


I was woken up that night by someone shuffling hastily beside me. I groaned, then rolled over to check the time: 5:42am. Brilliant.

“Babe?” I mumbled. “You alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

She didn’t sound too convincing. I turned the lamp on, then turned to look at her. The spot where she had been laying was dotted with blood, and so were her shorts. She seemed ridiculously embarrassed, but I was confused.

Then it hit me. The baby! No, this couldn’t be right, this was a nightmare!

I shot out of bed and muttered, “Throw something on, we’re going to the hospital.”

“What?” she asked, half-confused, half… Amused? Why would this amuse her?! “What are you on about, Dan?”

“Well, the baby! It’s… The blood… You…”

“Me? Dan… This happens every month…”

“Wait, what are you on about?”

She pinched the bridge of her nose. “Girl problem, Dan. How long have we been dating?”

I blinked in confusion. “So, you’re not pregnant?”

“Pregnant?” she asked as she raised her eyebrows. “No, where did you get that idea?”

“Oh, uh…”

Gee, this was embarassing.

“I saw something on Tumblr and I thought…”

She sighed and shook her head, smiling slightly. “Don’t you know that you can’t always rely on Tumblr?”

“Yeah, I should keep that in mind…”

“Okay, can I go change now? This is awkward…”

“Oh, um, yeah, of course. I’ll change the sheets.”

She gave me one last look before leaving the room to go to the bathroom. I sighed and shook my head, ruffling my hair. How dumb could I be?

I busied myself with changing the sheets, trying not to let my embarrassment get to me.

I heard her pad into the room a couple minutes later, and sighed. “Sorry about that, Y/N.”

“It’s alright, Dan,” she smiled, sitting down beside me. “Is that why you kept talking about kids and didn’t let me do anything this whole week?”

“Yeah,” I chuckled nervously. “It was stupid, I know. I should’ve asked you.”

She was silent for a minute, then asked, “Were you trying to tell me something?”

“Just that you should tell me you’re pregnant…”

“No, I don’t mean that. I mean… Do you think… We could…”

“Be parents?” I offered, and she nodded. “Yeah, I kinda think we could. We could have our own little family, you and I. And uncle Phil, but he doesn’t really count right now.”

Y/N laughed, and I smiled at the sight. “I think you’re right. I think we’d make great parents, don’t you?”

“I definitely do,” I grinned at her.

“Hey, I guess that sometimes their ‘conspiracy theories’ do come in useful, after all!”

“That’s for sure!”

We spent the rest of the night imagining up our perfect little family together. We might have imagined many different scenarios, but one thing was for certain: I owed the Danosaurs yet another thing.

And as I began thinking up numerous ways to thank them, I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, Y/N safely in my arms. 

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